Clip Studio Paint Kitbash Kit part 1

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It's here... the first ever Clip Studio Paint Kitbash kit!

To use it you just need to download Modeler from here.

After this you just need to open the files with Clip Studio Modeler, you can only open the files one at the time, go to File>Register as New Material. Put the asset inside your desired material folder, voilà! You can use it everytime you want in Clip Studio Paint.

There are a total of 52 pieces:

  • 37 wall pieces, in which windows and doors are movable

  • 9 base roof types

  • 3 roof base

  • 1 ground type

  • 1 road curb

  • 1 tree piece

  • 1 tree base

But here's the kicker! Every wall have tree materials, plaster/damaged plaster/brick wall. Meaning that the wall pieces are not 37 but 111 different pieces! The ground have a total of 3 materials and the tree 7 different textures to decide how many branches you want...

Meaning that the total pieces you get for free (or you can pay what you want) is... 135!

To select multiple pieces I really recomend you to select them using the [Tool property] of the Object tool. Just press Ctrl/Cmd to select multiple object or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift to select from the first clicked object to the second clicked object


This operation needs to be done for every single file... sorry I tried to find a way to streamline it more but I couldn't find it...

This product is not currently for sale.

Composite wall A

197 MB

Clip Studio Paint Kitbash Kit part 1

0 ratings